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Mission Statement

GVHS Vision, Mission and Student Learner Outcomes


Glen View High School is a safe and integral part of the community where students master skills through research-based practice thus facilitating the development, pursuit, and achievement of individual aspirations.


  • Students and staff will create and maintain a safe school climate and culture that encourages positive relationships amongst all stakeholders.
  • Students and staff will create and maintain an equitable learning environment that meets the individual needs of the diverse student population.
  • Students and staff will utilize research-based and data-driven practices that promote critical thinking, student achievement, success at GVHS, and college and career readiness.

Student Learner Outcomes

All Glen View High School students will develop executive functions and self-regulation processes leading to success in the following areas:

1. Academic: Graduates will demonstrate academic skills that will enable them to pursue vocational or college programs.

2. Employability: Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work independently and as a collaborative team member.  They will solve problems with critical thinking skills and effectively use available technology.  They will demonstrate good attendance and punctuality.

3. Communication: Graduates will demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills in Standard English, utilizing available technology when appropriate.

4. Social Skills: Graduates will demonstrate respect for cultural differences in a diverse community.  They will make responsible decisions in a variety of settings.