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School Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (SWPBIS) 


Glen View High School takes pride as a successful, positive and purposeful learning environment, we have implemented a program called School Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (SWPBIS) to support our MTSS (Multi-systems of Support) intervention initiatives. SWPBIS actively encourages students to achieve their academic potential while also behaving with good character. At Glen View the focus is on teaching and encouraging appropriate behavior in all areas of the school.  Students who are respectful, responsible and safe act appropriately so they maximize their learning opportunities and do not detract or interfere with the learning opportunities of their classmates.


Students are actively involved in learning what being successful means and looks like in all areas of our school through activities, lessons, demonstrations, videos and role-playing. In addition to learning how to be successful, teachers and staff will recognize and reward students for better-than-expected behavior. Staff issue tickets called COYOTE KUDOS to students when they observe them in the act of exceptional behavior. The COYOTE KUDOS can be used to have the opportunity to win prizes in a raffle, and access to special SWPBIS activities.


Glen View High School PBIS Expectations





Coyote Commitment Behavior Expectations Matrix





Common Areas

-wait in line patiently

-dispose of all trash properly 

-place recyclables in proper containers

-clean up your area

-use good manners towards all students and staff

-use appropriate voice and language

-greet visitors politely

-keep public displays of affection off campus

-keep walkways clear

-walk at all times

-move to your  destination quickly

-keep hands, feet and objects to self 


-show up to class prepared and on time

-return materials to designated areas

-food, drinks, or gum are prohibited

-develop study skills

-organize and prioritize

-save conversation for lunch or passing period time 

-always get permission to speak or get out of your seat

-treat others and their property with respect

-use appropriate voice and language

-allow others the best opportunity to learn

-seek help when needed

-set goals and strive to reach them

-model excellent behavior

-keep trying even

when it’s difficult

-know emergency procedures and take practice seriously

-try your best each and everyday


-have a valid pass

-state your purpose politely

-only visit the offices when absolutely necessary

-obtain permission to use phone 

-food, drinks, or gum are prohibited

-be mindful of your own business

-use appropriate language and voice 

-speak politely 

-wait patiently until acknowledged

-speak only when permission is given

-respect property: schools, yours, and others

-keep hands, feet and objects to self

-use chairs and tables appropriately

-conduct your business then leave


-flush toilets 

-report inappropriate activity (i.e. vandalism) or behavior to an adult

-place trash in proper containers 

-use only when necessary

-give people privacy 

-respect property: schools, yours, and others 

-keep bathroom clean

-schedule bathroom breaks wisely

-use the bathroom in a timely manner

-conduct your business then leave

-wash hands properly


-Use technology only as directed by teacher or school staff

-Give proper credit when we use other’s work

-Submit only your work

-Follow teachers directions regarding use of technology

-Respect each other’s ideas and opinions

-Be careful with technology equipment

-Protect your passwords/username and log out

-Only use your password

-Use educational appropriate websites

Flowchart for Tiered Interventions and Supports