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Glen View High School At a Glance Profile

GVHS Student Placement Criteria/Process

Glen View High School (GVHS) is the only alternative school in the BUSD. Students are referred from Beaumont High School  through an Alternative Placement Committee (APC). Our school is different from the comprehensive high school in that GVHS has an increased emphasis placed on credit recovery. APC meetings are held with parents and students quarterly. Most students are selected based on current credit level and ability to recover credits towards graduation.



The school follows the traditional school year calendar from August to June. GVHS has a one session 6 period day and schedules are built around student needs for credit recovery. Students who participate in afternoon electives and/or who are in need of remediation, compulsory study hall, attendance recovery, or intensive credit recovery stay beyond the 12:20 day which has a built in closed campus lunch. Students are able to leave at lunch on Fridays and district scheduled secondary minimum days.


Afternoon Program 5th Period Intervention Class

The afternoon program is elective for most students, except:

  • Students who are tardy in the AM must stay for a 5th period intervention class to make up the work they missed in the morning.

  • Students who are off task during their scheduled classroom instructional time make up the work they missed during the 5th period compulsory study hall.


Afternoon Program (Remediation/Electives)

Students who choose to stay for afternoon electives can take classes in Digital Media (a 4 course CTE pathway articulated with our local community college), Drama, Work Experience, ELA Intervention and our Sports program (Basketball and Softball).


Graduation Requirements/Concurrent Enrollment

Classes are at an average 20 to 1 student to teacher ratio. The district requires that students complete a minimum of 180 credits for graduation from Glen View High School. Students who are 18 years old and have met specific course criteria are eligible to receive a diploma from the adult school which only requires 200 Credits. Students may earn additional credits by concurrently attending adult school, concurrent enrollment in Beaumont High ROP programs, or through Work Experience.


Quarter System/Variable Credits

Our academic calendar has been modified into a quarter system, where traditional 18 week semester courses are accelerated to be completed in a 9 week quarter course. This allows students to complete 120 credits in a year, doubling the credits normally attempted in a traditional high school. In addition to the accelerated pace, partial credits are offered at the end of “Performance Session(s).” Students earn 1 credit per class roughly every 2 weeks (5 times per quarter). This allows students who failed to complete work for a 2 week session to not lose heart for the whole course, but to try again to get the credit for the following “Performance Session.”



Students remediate failed credits through Edgenuity, the online system we use for credit recovery.

The amount of credits needed to graduate reduced from 220 to 180 in the 2016-2017 school year. The reduction was made in the amount of elective credits necessary for graduation - from 60 to 20. This was done to help our students move towards graduation at a faster pace. All students are now enrolled in 4 core academic or credit recovery classes as well as a Friday Advisory class where students work with their home teacher on short term and long term goals. Students will use this time to figure out their values, interests, and match those with a career trajectory and a plan to reach their career goals. This core program allows all of our students to gain a minimum of 80 credits during the 4 hours of morning instruction per year.


Pearson My Foundations Lab, Accuplacer

Currently our Math program is taught utilizing the Pearson, My Foundations Lab Accuplacer curriculum, while our English 11 and 12 classes use this curriculum for supplemental support. All students are tested with a diagnostic placement test upon entering into the GVHS program. This diagnostic tool assesses a student’s incoming skill base in math, reading comprehension, lexile level, and writing skills. From this information, students are placed in the proper math class specific to teaching the student where they are at academically and accelerating their base knowledge upon skill mastery of concepts. Students receive supplemental supports from the Pearson curriculum to support closing student learning gaps in ELA. With the Pearson curriculum and supplemental supports, students are working towards high school credit requirements while working on mastery of skills and concepts that they will need to test into college level English and Math courses when taking the college entry Accuplacer test.


Friday Advisory:

Students will meet weekly with their scheduled advisory teacher to discuss current academic progress and for College and Career Preparation.